Ancillary Products

Valmont® Northwest partners with the Valley® Water Management team to provide you with quality, custom solutions for your pumping challenges. Complete with water pumps, pump stations and irrigation supplies, our team is here to help ensure your irrigation is most efficiently delivering water to your crops.

In addition to the product families listed below, we offer the following ancillary parts and services:

  • Soil moisture monitoring and water management tools

  • Motors (10 hP to 1500 hP)

  • Pump control panels

  • Flow meters (electromagnetic and inline)

  • Full-scale water distribution systems

  • Pipe supply and installation (steel, PVC and fiber)

Our team is available 7 days/week during irrigation season!

Products We Offer

Pump Stations

pump station

Our pump stations are second to none. We offer custom-engineered, high-efficiency pumping solutions for anyone using a reservoir, canal or well for agricultural irrigation. Give us a call today to see how a custom pump station can benefit your farm.

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Variable Frequency Drives

variable frequency drive

Use of variable frequency drives (VFDs) help save you energy - and thus dollars - by only delivering what energy your operation needs. Talk to us today to see how use of VFDs on your farm can help boost energy savings and increase reliability.

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Valley Pump Connect®

pump connect

If you are a seasoned irrigator, you know that driving to each pump in your field to get your water started can take a lot of time. We offer the Valley Pump Connect® solution to automate your pumps' operation by wirelessly controlling them! Learn more today.

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